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What's new in the current version of the GOM Software 2018?

Efficient, Process-Based Python Interpreter

GOM Correlate Professional 2018 offers fast and simplified data access for complex scientific computations using Python. Freely available Python libraries, such as NumPy, SciPy or Matplotlib, can be easily used with an external Python installation in GOM Correlate Professional 2018. Thus, both computations and diagrams can be created directly, which are necessary for, for example, vibration analyses (FFT) and tensile tests.

Improved Representation of Deviations in the 3D View

In addition to the two-dimensional deviation representation, deformations, such as bulges, dents and depressions, can be displayed excessively in the 3D view and thus can be displayed plastically. Scalar values can be transformed accordingly into a kind of a height map. Moreover, the direction of Euclidean displacements on surface components can be displayed using arrows. Thanks to the extended visualization options, the user can interpret the results even faster and easier.

Open Data Exchange

The exchange of data is becoming more and more important in metrology. For example, all relevant elements, such as sections, curves and coordinate systems, can be quickly exported in one or more stages as a CSV or XML file. Furthermore, any additional information, such as temperatures, can be linked not only with surface components, but also with point and facet point components. This data can then be further processed in the usual workflow.

Further functions of the GOM Software 2018:

  • Efficient, process-based Python interpreter: The GOM Software 2018 offers fast and simplified data access for complex scientific computations and enables the import of freely available Python libraries, such as NumPy, SciPy and Matplotlib.
  • Excessive representation of deviations in the 3D view: In addition to the colored deviation representation, deformations, such as bulges and dents, can be visualized excessively and thus more clearly.
  • Enhancements for the ARAMIS Kiosk Interface for material tests: The GOM Software 2018 offers further templates for standardized test methods, such as tensile, bulge and FLC tests. Other repeatable test methods and project templates can be configured freely and integrated into the simplified user interface.
  • Open data exchange: The CSV and XML export now supports the export of several stages and further elements (for example, sections, curves and coordinate systems) and was further optimized in terms of speed, among others.
  • Online measuring volume: The online measuring volume can be displayed in the GOM Software 2018 to make it easier to position the specimen in the measuring volume optimally.
  • Enhancements for point components: Several point components, for example, from measurements of a test from different directions, can now be combined into one region and used for rigid body motion compensation.
  • ...

For further information see the What's New Videos on YouTube.

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