Assistance for GOM Correlate software packages.

GOM Service Area

GOM provides diverse support services for the GOM Correlate software at

Manuals & Tutorials

User information and application-specific video tutorials provide important information about the GOM software.

Sample Data

Numerous data sets for different applications are available in the GOM Service Area.

Knowledge Base

The GOM Knowledge Base includes over 500 entries with information on software and hardware.

GOM Forum

More than 5,000 users take advantage of the forum to discuss issues and exchange experiences with other users and experts from GOM.

Software Update

The current software version can be downloaded in the GOM Service Area.

The GOM Service Area can be accessed via after a non-binding registration.


Video tutorials offer an introduction to the GOM Correlate software features.

User Interface

This first tutorial gives you an overview of the graphical user interface including 3D view, timeline and reporting. It briefly introduces all major software concepts.

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Image Acquisition

This video shows you how to prepare objects, how to capture images and finally how to import the images into the software.

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2D Evaluation

The third episode guides you through a typical evaluation workflow. It gives you an insight on component definitions, alignments, strain checks and reporting.

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3D Surface Components

This video covers alignments to CAD, displacements and strain, stage ranges, sections and point wise inspections, as well as working with diagrams.

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3D Point Components

This tutorial explains 3D motion analysis. The video covers vector fields, rigid body motion compensation and shows you how to inspect construction elements, such as angles.

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The last tutorial gives you a more detailed insight in all reporting options, like updating report pages, working with templates and export of reports.

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GOM offers practical seminars and training sessions for beginners and advanced users.

The GOM Correlate training courses include:

GOM Correlate
Introduction Seminar

The one-day seminar provides an introduction to the software with practical exercises, including: import of movie files and CAD data, point-based and full-field inspection, color representation of displacements and strain, inspection sections, measuring report, 3D viewer and much more.

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GOM Correlate Professional
Basic Training

The two-day training course is aimed at interested parties with only little experience in software-based evaluation of measuring objects. The training provides, among others, an introduction to the areas of component creation, simple inspection, creation parameters, alignments, parametric inspection, measuring principles, project templates and reporting.

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For information on seminars and training sessions in other countries, please contact your local GOM partner.

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