What is GOM Correlate

GOM Correlate is a digital image correlation (DIC) and evaluation software for materials research and component testing.

Digital Image Correlation

Digital image correlation (DIC) is an optical non-contact method to measure 3D coordinates for the evaluation of 3D surfaces, 3D motion and deformation. Stochastic patterns and/or point markers are utilized to describe discrete image areas, which can be determined with subpixel accuracy by analyzing the image information. With this principle, point-wise and full-field measuring results are created and used for a wide range of applications in materials research and component testing to determine the static and dynamic behavior of specimens, such as displacements and strain. Thus, DIC enables an analytical investigation of the complex behavior of any test object.

3D Motion and Deformation Analysis

For the analysis of 3D motion and deformation, GOM Correlate uses a component concept, in which user-defined groups of points are consolidated and tracked over a certain time. This time-based component evaluation results in 3D coordinates in all evaluated images, which are used for the accurate computation of 3D displacements. Component groups are additionally used for the compensation of rigid body motions by analysing and subtracting the displacements in between these groups. Moreover, knowing the exact 3D displacement of a component allows the evaluation of 6 degrees of freedom in terms of translation and rotation in 3D space.

Timeline-based Inspection

The timeline is an integrated element in the graphical user interface and supports the management of measurement projects. Functionalities for the definition of areas of interest are implemented as stage ranges and help the user to navigate through the measuring data and to focus the evaluation and the reporting on important time periods of the measurement project.

Image Mapping

Image mapping acts as an intuitive user interface that supports the user in all work steps for the project definition, the analysis of results and the reporting. All necessary user interactions are directly performed on the measurement images and results are instantly displayed, such as vector fields and full-field displacement and strain.


I-Inspect stands for intelligent inspection and guides operators through the inspection process. I-Inspect suggests suitable measuring principles and inspection criteria to suit the selected element. With I-Inspect, even complex inspection tasks can be implemented quickly and easily.

Customizable Mathematics

Most results, such as displacements and strain, are calculated using pre-defined inspection principles throughout the standard evaluation workflow. For specific evaluations, GOM Correlate provides an interface that allows the implementation of user-defined mathematics and formulas and enables the automatic computation of the corresponding results.

Parametric Software Concept

With GOM's parametric concept, each individual element retains its creation path within the software structure. All actions and evaluation steps are fully traceable and interlinked. Individual elements can be modified and adjusted at any time, and a one-button solution updates all dependent elements automatically after changes have been made.

CAD Import

Neutral CAD formats such as IGES, JT Open and STEP, as well as native formats like CATIA, NX, Solidworks and Pro/E, can be imported into GOM Correlate Professional at no extra cost. The individual data formats are imported via drag & drop and are automatically identified and assigned by the software. In many applications CAD elements are mandatory to align the measuring results to the correct coordinate systems and help to visualize and better understand the measuring results.

Free 2D Correlation Software

GOM Correlate provides free 2D digital image correlation that supports the evaluation of digital image series or movie files. The imported images are evaluated automatically providing a quick and easy access to all result data sets. Including the complete evaluation and reporting possibilities from GOM Correlate, the software offers a cost-effective solution for in-plane testing tasks using any digital camera.

Result Sharing

Today, test results need to be shared with colleagues, different departments and customers for presentations and further technical discussions. GOM Correlate supports result sharing by using its reporting engine that provides a print-ready documentation and fully animated PDF exports. For a better result presentation and understanding, complete project files can be shared and viewed within the 3D user interface of GOM Correlate.

Free Evaluation Software

All data created in GOM Correlate Professional and ARAMIS Professional is bundled in one single file. Thus, the free GOM Correlate software provides access to all measuring results, which leads to an improved interaction between the departments responsible for measurement, analysis, design and development. Guided user workflows and inspection principles help to understand and to interpret the measurement results. Measuring data can be discussed and decisions can be taken faster.

Open Data Architecture

Comparing and simultaneously visualizing measuring data and exchanging data in general becomes more and more important in metrology. Therefore, additional scalar values and geometries, for example, from simulation programs, can be imported into GOM Correlate Professional. The data created in the software can be exported in different formats and can be used, for example, for oscillation analysis in third-party software.

Virtual Extensometer

Based on the extensometer, you can check the length change of a specimen. The function allows a non-contact measurement of the length change with a reference length exactly given and can be used in 2D and 3D projects. Consequently, no mechanical contacts can influence the measuring results. The length change can be checked within one project in two or more directions. This function allows you to track the length change during a live measurement and to evaluate it during post-processing in the inspection workspace.

GOM Snap 2D

GOM offers free software for 2D image acquisition with USB 3.0 cameras which use the generic programming interface GenICam. The captured images are saved in a project which can be evaluated directly in GOM Correlate. The software offers various tools, for example, 2D point and surface components for simple analyses and records of movements and deformations. Using these tools, it is possible to understand complex part behavior in detail. Therefore, the software is ideally suited for plane test applications with existing cameras.

Evaluation Script for Bulge Tests

In GOM Correlate Professional, evaluating a bulge test is possible with a system script. The script evaluates a previously recorded test according to ISO 16808. The tool sizes and the slope of the linear elastic elongation and Poisson’s ratio are used to determine evaluation zones and to compute compensations according to the standard. The script generates the evaluation range of the thickness strain depending on the tool size, the yield curve, possibly the elastically compensated yield curve and a plausibility check using the bending strain ratio. The evaluations are recorded automatically in a report.

Comparison GOM Correlate and GOM Correlate Professional

Digital Image Correlation yes yes yes
Import/Export Measurement Data (ASCII, STL, PSL, PLY) yes yes yes
CAD Import Basis (IGES, STEP, PLY, ...) yes yes yes
CAD Import Native (CATIA, UG, Pro/E) no yes yes
Inspection (Alignments, Nominal/Actual Comparison, Local Coordinate Systems, Curves, ...) yes yes yes
Motion and Deformation Analysis yes yes yes
Reporting yes yes yes
Traceability yes yes yes
Script Engine no yes yes
Parametric Inspection no yes yes
Teaching by Doing no yes yes
Customization with Templates no yes yes
Timeline: Creation of 3D data stages (Meshes/Point Clouds) no yes yes
Timeline: Creation of image stages via import 2D 2D/3D 2D/3D
Flexible Solution for Network Licenses no no yes

The free GOM Correlate software serves also as a viewer for all measuring results that are created with GOM Correlate Professional.

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