GOM Correlate
Evaluation Software for 3D Testing

What is GOM Correlate

GOM Correlate is a digital image correlation (DIC) and evaluation software for materials research and component testing.

Digital Image Correlation
Digital image correlation (DIC) is an optical non-contact method to measure 3D coordinates for the evaluation of deformation. [more …]
3D Motion and Deformation Analysis
Component concept to analyze translatory and rotatory movements (6DoF). [more …]
Free Evaluation Software
GOM Correlate is a free software for the evaluation of testing projects. [more …]

What's new

What's new in the current version of the GOM Software 2017?

Open Data Architecture
Import of additional scalar values, export of created data in different formats, for example, for further use in third-party software [more …]
Virtual Extensometer
Non-contact measurement of the length change, simultaneous test in two or more directions, tracking of the length change during a live measurement [more …]
GOM 2D Snap
Free software for 2D image acquisition with USB 3.0 cameras, two-dimensional test applications with existing cameras [more …]

Where GOM Correlate is Used

GOM Correlate for industrial use as evaluation software, 3D viewer and communication tool.

In modern automobiles various components are being developed with high demands on safety and lifetime stability. [more …]
The development and manufacturing of a modern aircraft is a complex process. [more …]
Materials Testing
Knowledge of the material properties enables the optimization of forming processes. [more …]


Assistance for GOM Correlate software packages.

GOM Service Area
The GOM Service Area offers manuals, knowledge base entries, forums and much more. [more …]
Video tutorials as learning aid for GOM Correlate software and its features. [more …]
GOM offers seminars and training sessions for beginners and advanced users following a practical approach. [more …]

Who are We

GOM develops and produces precise 3D measurement solutions with a global support and sales network.

GOM's measurement solutions are established in over 14,000 installations worldwide. [more …]
Worldwide Support
GOM's global network assists customers in implementing 3D measuring technology. [more …]
Optical Metrology Solutions
GOM's measuring systems are used in product development and quality assurance, materials and component testing. [more …]

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